A Proposal to Construct and Operate Equator Backparkers, Cultural Tourist and Conference Centre

  1. Name:-

Equator back parkers, cultural Tourist and conference Centre

  1. Location:-

The place is located near the equator on Kikomazi Hill above Nabusanke Trading Centre. It is only one mile from the main road from Masaka to Kampala. It is 45 miles from Kampala and 35 miles from Masaka Town.

  1. Ownership:

The proprietor is Rev. Kateregga Bakubanja Cornelius assisted by …………………..and tourists experts from Germany and Uganda. Address: P.O.BOX 188 Kyotera. Email: arcosiu2001@gmail.com.

  1. Purpose

It’s meant to generate some income for ARCOS Uganda Organization which looks after children who are in need and offering them with academic and vocational education based in Rakai District under the Directorate of Rev. Kateregga Bakubanja Cornelius.

  1. Suitability

This place was selected because there is available land which can be developed into a back parkers place which lacking just near the Equator. The place is one of the most visited by the tourists from abroad and by natives within Uganda and neighbors Countries.

It’s located along the road which makes it easier to all. In addition there are also other developers who are doing some work at the Equator. These include craft vapors of cloth, gift shops at the Equator itself.

The Equator line which separates the Southern and Northern Hemisphere is clearly marked with the road structures making it visible. It’s only one stride from North to south.

Some of the remarkable games of water rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise whenever in the North or south astonish watchers. Located on hill on which you can easily look down at the developing trading centre, the traffic on kampala Masaka road which is one of the busiest roads in Uganda and one can have a distance view of the lake “Victoria” and overlooking Nkozi University.

The location of 1 mile from the road keeps the place quiet and suitable for conferences, parties and retreats

  1. Cultural tourism

The concept of cultural tourist is out of the desire to show our history and to appreciate an African ancestry. Its true not only people from abroad find themselves without the knowledge of cultures but even our nationals in Uganda and Africa lack this interesting insight giving past and current cultural exposure.

To date people do not know how the traditional cloth, the bark cloth was and how it was made, black smithing, and making other metal tools by Africans like Knives, Spears, pangas, bangles, hoes and the elements of regalia in politics. The types of food, drinks and how they were stored and of course other work tools used in fishing, digging, making beer, carrying items crafts of different natives of Uganda and East Africa. Quite lot can be exposed.

  1. Educational tourism for schools.

It is assumed that many schools in Uganda make a stopover at the Equator or deliberately come to visit it. We feel we can have demonstrative practical lessons on many issues in history and Geography on the site and some relevant Cultural issues of social academic importance creating new insights to current development.

  1. Hostel training institute

This place will equally accommodate aid be a training institute for those who would like to training as tourists, funders and hoteliers from this negative and increase professionalism in hostels, restaurants, guest houses, workers, which currently lack trained staff.

  1. Sponsorship / funding

We are hopeful that payment will be funded by well-wishers who want to promote our ideas and to support our children.

The people may include our colleagues from, Germany, UNESCO, Arcos friends and well-wishers to raise the funds for construction and administration of this project.

  1. Period / time of operation.

We intend to fund this in ten years’ time. So far the ground cleaning and planting of some trees in going on.

We ask any person of good heart who can give a hand himself or herself looking for us some sponsors to participate in this exercise.

  1. Estimated budget costs for three years.
1.      Grass thatched housing units 7n 70,000,000=
2.     Clearing the bush site   3,000,000=
3.     Planting trees/ and shrubs for flowers   8,000,000=
4.     Construction of office facilitate   4,000,000=
5.     Construction of toilet facilitate 3 pcs 15,000,000=
6.     Construction of hand dug borehole   25,000,000=
7.     Construction of wooden conference structure   17,000,000=
8.     Planting grass   9,000,000=
9.     Construction of some residential   200,000,000=
10.    Construction of simple residential   100,000,000=
11.    Trucks / road making   14,000,000=
12.    Tourism shades   25,000,000=
13.    Collection paintings relics and tools   12,000,000=
14.    Administration, transport, fuel, meals, registration, licences, taxes   49,000,000=
15.    Accommodation residence for workers and allowances   40,000,000=
16.    Tents, chairs and tables   11,000,000=
Total   602,000,000=
  1. Conclusion

I am appealing to any with good……. To come to us assistance by giving advice, constantly, connections, links, funds, expert knowledge to come and work with us.



Rev. Kateregga Bakubanja Cornelius


No. Item Qty Rate Amount
1. Layer 5% concentrate 803.8kgs 4,800 3,854,000=
2. Stoves 2 40,000 480,000=
3. Charcoal 30 bags 176,000 1,200,000=
4. Dump proof 1 rolls 8,000 255,000=
5. Coffee husks ( as litter) 10 bags 8,500 80,000=
6. Drinkers 20 3,000 170,000=
7. Feeders 40 200,000 12,000=
8. Labour 2 workers 200,000 400,000=
9. Water tanks / plumbing 3,500,000=
10. Completion of the shelter 5,000,000=
TOTAL     42,241,400=



  1. Cost for maize mill – 3,332,000= ($ 9,255.6)
  2. Cost for poultry – 42,241,400= ($ 11, 733.7)
  3. Grand total – 75,561,400= ($ 20,989.3)

We hope that the chicken and maize mill projects well be supported by the Be The Change Volunteers in order to get a comprehensive project with proper sustainability to support in skill development of our students and community

It there is any change or adoption to the proposal, it is welcome.

Yours faithfully,


……………………………………..                            …………………………………….


DIRECTOR                                                    SECRETARY