Community Outreaches include. Home visits. Elderly support, visit to HIV/ AIDS Patients to offer support, visit to orphans supported by Arcos Uganda and visit to the general communities to understand the needs of the direct and indirect beneficiaries of our services.

ARCOS Human Rights

This peace-makers initiative was started in 2011 with an aim to educate our members and the public that peace is more important than woes. A peaceful society is one which is just and where all people are free to strive for wholeness. We try to create a peaceful society by motivating and educating ourselves and our community. We believe in a world that can love, learn and liberate. Our faith calls us to action for peace, against violence and against greed.


In Uganda, HIV/ AIDS has devastated lives, plunging families into poverty as they lose  their bread winner. Many children have also been orphaned as both their parents succumb to the disease. Many campaigns have started and many still ongoing to loosen the grip of the disease but many awareness drives have been a failure due to poor preparation and the message they put out. Lately, many are using a holistic approach of change in lifestyle, with awareness programs and using the support of the celebrities to pound the airwaves. Since AIDS first recorded case of HIV in Uganda was in Rakai District and the district has been particularly hard hit by the disease this program is very important here.