With over 99% of the community members supported by Arcos Uganda depending on agriculture and farming for their living, as these provide income, employment and food. A program on agriculture Development is fundamental for reducing poverty and boosting growth.

Demonstration farms – in Uganda, agriculture is the backbone of the economy, contributing 90% of the rural poor’s household income. ARCOS Uganda started demonstration farms that trains local and educate locals about affordable farming methods to increase crop yields while minimizing environmental degradation.

Dairy farm – the dairy was started to cater for nutrition improvement of our students at schools, products from the farm are used at school and other sent to the local market for income generating and making the Currently we have 5 cows at the farm.

Fruit Tree Planting & Environment Conservation– This project is called Arcos Conserve Fruit Tree Growing Project and this  started with the establishment of a community tree nursery at Gayaza village, Kasaali sub-county, Rakai

The objective of the project is to improve the  livelihoods of local people and contribute to conservation of the environment by promoting fruit tree growing and community  forestry. The mission is:  planting trees for healthier populations and a better environment.

The project will encourage and assist local people to plant different types of fruit trees, including avocado, mango and jack-fruits as well as other tree species for forest products (firewood, timber, and fodder and non-timber products) and services in the area. The primary target of the project is to establish at least two community tree nurseries to raise and plant over 80,000 tree seedlings per year for two years.